Indie Studio 1BK Releases Debut Title We Are Cubes

We Are Cubes from 1BK

U.K-based indie game development studio 1BK has released their debut title, We Are Cubes, through the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace. The game is described as a “vibrant, fast-paced arcade shooter set in a neon, wireframe world” according to studio members Victor Garcia and Steven NoakesĀ  along with supporting member Andy King.

There are two modes available to play: Arcade and Survival. Both modes also offer single player and multiplayer options. Arcade mode includes 25 waves of enemies, while Survival mode is an endless onslaught that, much as you would infer, challenges you to stay alive as long as possible. A wide variety of power-ups and permanent upgrades are available to aid you in battle.

We Are Cubes from 1BK

We Are Cubes is likely to appeal to old school gamers with its vector-style graphics, online high score list, and chip-tune inspired soundtrack. It also promises ” a huge range of awardments and unlockable content” which is sure to make the completionist gamers happy.

Continuing a trend that I personally enjoy, the multiplayer offers a cooperative-competitive experience. Players can choose to work together and use their power-ups more effectively, or they can use them to gain an edge over each other.

We Are Cubes looks to have a lot of polish and is available right now through the Xbox’s Indie Games marketplace for 80 Microsoft Points.



Why should you buy this game?

Spheres are the enemy! Who can save the cubes but you? – OneBeeKay(1BK)

You can find 1BK on Twitter @OneBeeKay or by checking them out on Facebook.

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