Cops, Crooks & Other Stories in 100 Words: 101 Tales Released

Cops Crooks & Other Stories

Pulpy detective stories are a genre of books that are right in my wheelhouse. The plot twists and intense action make for an exciting roller coaster experience that ebbs and flows from start to finish. However, author Mark S. Bacon is part of a new movement: flash fiction.

On March 30th he’ll release his novel Cops, Crooks & Other Stories in 100 Words: 101 Tales. It’s a collection of mini mysteries each running about 100 words, and each tale promises “satisfying, unexpected endings”. A number of stories in the collection have been published in a variety of fiction magazines -  Stymie Magazine and MicroHorror being a couple examples – tailored to the short story style.

101 Tales will be released through Amazon(Kindle) and the Barnes and Noble Nook Store.


Here is a sample from the book directly from Bacon’s website:

Honor Among Thieves

The darkened home looked empty.  Pete tried the front door.  Locked.  Around back he jimmied open a patio door with a credit card.

Immediately, he saw a man holding a pillowcase full of something.

“Shit.  You startled me,” the man said.  “First time I ever seen two guys break into the same house.  I came in the window.  But hey,  I believe in professional courtesy.  I’ve got jewelry and laptops.  Rest is yours.”

Pete opened a drawer, reached inside.

“Hold it,” Pete said, pointing a revolver.

“What about professional courtesy?”

“I forgot my keys, “ Pete said.  “I live here.”

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