Gravia Tactics Preview

Gravia Tactics LogoPunchbag Entertainment, a small London-based independent studio, is preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund its new tactical RPG, Gravia Tactics. Punchbag is aiming for a fully-voiced narrative-driven game with an anime-inspired art style. Gravia Tactics is planned for a launch on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux, though Mac and Linux are still listed as To Be Confirmed.

The game will have a strong focus on story, focusing on compelling plot, a rich world, and mature overtones for the band of misfit characters that the player will follow. Piecing together information from around the world will allow the players to track down powerful treasures guarded by behemoths as part of the game’s ‘Legend System’.

The developers intend to build a multi-layered combat system, Gravia Tactics World Mapallowing strategic players to use various mechanics that play off of each other to let them take down seemingly impossible odds. Characters also have non-linear progression, allowing players to build them to their preferred style, and bonus battle goals offer optional challenges for additional rewards, such as resources, rare items, and additional side-story.

Punchbag have yet to launch their campaign, but anyone interested can keep up through their website and via Twitter @PunchbagEnt.

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