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Pixel HeartPixel Heart is a feature-length documentary that explores the creation process behind games. Rather than tell the story of how individual games came to be developed, or a step by step examination of the game creation process, it aims to talk about the birth of ideas and how they germinate into full-fledged games. It is these ideas, and the creators whose passion gave birth to them, that Pixel Heart has chosen to give centre stage

The film focuses on six game designers from around the world. The countries they hail from run the gamut from game design hotspots like Japan and the United States, to the lesser known burgeoning industries of Chile and Ghana. Industry heavyweights like Mark Healey, Robin Hunicke and Tetsuya Mizuguchi will sit down and talk about the process of ideas generation and how they go about refining these initial seeds into the games that reach our screens.

This ambitious project stretches beyond just the documentary, however. Each of the interviewed creators will supply an idea – be it a character sketch, music, or abstract concept – to be taken in hand by one of six game design teams in France. Each team will then create a unique game within 48 hours with this idea at its heart. Anyone with game design can apply to be part of this game jam on the Pixel Heart website.

The final stretch goal of the project is a travelling exhibit to accompany the documentary and game releases. Six additional games will be developed exclusively for the exhibit. These games will be of a more experimental nature and are intended to showcase games’ abilities to push boundaries through creative application using hardware like the Oculus Rift.

The project is being crowd-funded through Ulele, similar to Kickstarter. Check out the promotional trailer below, then head on over to the project’s official website to read more and see the stretch goals and rewards.

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