Dark Scavenger Review

Dark Scavenger by Psydra Games is an incredible gaming experience, with a vast amount of options, and well-written characters and dialogue. Dark Scavenger is one game that should be highly recommended.

The game is a point and click science fiction adventure that uses menu-based interaction similar, to a Japanese visual novel. As a space traveler newly landed on a disturbing planet, you encounter unique characters and experience a quirky and varied plot that always leaves you wanting more.

The game starts by immediately throwing you  into battle with a creature known as Den. As you play you discover that Den is known throughout the galaxy as an incredibly powerful and horrible being, and many of the other characters you interact with will avoid talking about him.  But this first battle gives you a useful tutorial for what the turn-based combat is like, as well as introducing the options available when engaging an enemy.  Three simple menu choices are available during combat:

  • Weapons
  • Items
  • Allies

Weapons are self explanatory, and can be as simple as a sword or as elaborate as a whip. Items might be used to power up your attacks, heal you, or damage an enemy. And allies are creatures you can summon to attack an enemy for you, each of whom has a unique special effect. All these options have a limited number of uses, which adds a  tactical approach to the way you will deal with your foes.

While the plot for Dark Scavenger is thoroughly enjoyable and surprising, there is a faint feeling of it all being jumbled together. But the story becomes more clear once you can piece the puzzles together. Multiple-choice dialogue options paint a vivid and imaginative picture that might be not the same for every player.

The user interface has many interesting features too. When accessing the map,  certain key areas glow red to indicate new interaction options. In certain cases, having a new inventory item means that you can use the map to open the crafting sub-game. This feature allows you to create new weapons and items, and to summon new allies depending on the type and quantity of material you have on hand. It’s an an interesting play mechanism that really makes the game feel personal and unique.

The characters of Dark Scavenger are unforgettable, jumping out and grabbing you with dark humour and loads of personality. The art design of the characters is both vibrant and appropriately crude, but the environments are a little vague and bland by comparison. Even so, each new location has a much-needed alien feel that completely fits the science fiction setting.  And the sense of being isolated and alone in outer space is reinforced by the sparse but meaningful audio.

Dark Scavenger is creepy but fun, an experience that crawls into your head and makes you want to play over and over again.

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

This review was based on a copy of the game provided by the developer.

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