Chompy Chomp Chomp Review

Chompy Chomp Chomp is an Xbox Indie game created by the folks at Utopian World of Sandwiches. In this title you control a hungry little critter called a “Chompy” with an insatiable appetite for other Chompies. You must run around a variety of maps attempting to eat the Chompy designated as your target while at the same time avoiding the one trying to eat you. A simple premise, but throw in power-ups, point multipliers, poison, a variety of zany themed maps, and 4 player local and online multiplayer modes and you have a frantic “eat-em up” that puts that simple goal into a runabout frenzy.

The first things I noticed before playing were how bright and vivid the graphics were, and how the characters were crisp and animated nicely. The neon-colored characters on a white menu took me aback at first but I quickly adjusted.  While being a multiplayer game meant for excursions with other players, I was happy to see they included bots to take control of slots not occupied by a human player.

Chompy Chomp Chomp Disco Level

After a quick review of the game rules, I picked one of the more colorful levels and began my first bout of Chompy. What followed was a frantic, albeit confusing, rush to chase down my target. The power-ups took a while to get used to, since you sometimes just get a glimpse of what item you picked up and no indication of what you are currently holding. After a few frenetic minutes, the game was over and the scores were tallied. If a level was too short, too long, or too crazy, you have the option of setting your own rules in the custom game settings.

Ancient Chompankhamun level

While short, the action was fast and busy. The targets changed every so often which kept everyone on their toes. My few complaints would have to deal with the level design. Each screen has a different look and feel to them, but some just don’t seem a good fit. A few of the levels had long corridors and many “trap corners” where one can simply stay in one area to create a chokepoint. The maps with more turns, and short halls and corners were the most fun to play. It was a tad frustrating to chase someone down a long hall only to end up having to backtrack a few seconds later, so I preferred the maps with small obstacles dotted throughout the map. The bots were simple enough that they provided  suitable opponents, but they just didn’t provide enough thrill for the game. This game is better played with a full party of friends to make the experience more fun. If you cannot wrangle enough friends to play locally you can also jump online to “Chomp” on fellow Xbox Live players.

All in all, Chompy Chomp Chomp was a fun and amusing game. The pace and action kept everything fun but it’s best to bring 3 others friends along if you wish to experience the full potential of this title. A nice buy if you want to have a fun and fast session with friends or family.

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

This game was reviewed using a copy provided by the developer for that purpose.

Editor’s Note: This review was done using the launch version of the game. A subsequent update has recently been released.

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  1. June 23, 2012 at 12:18 pm #

    I played the launch version of the game with a buddy of mine a couple weeks ago and it was a blast. However, I ended up having the same complaints about some of the level design. And the spawning was frustrating as well, but I believe the first patch fixes that. Anyway, can’t wait to try this out with 3 other friends.

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