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Blasted Fortress by Dapper Swine Games

Dapper Swine Games – perhaps my new favorite studio name – is an indie game development studio looking to break into the scene with their first title Blasted Fortress. These developers can’t do in on their own, so they’ve turned to Kickstarter to help fund part of the project.

Blasted Fortress appears to be part Angry Birds, part Animal Crossing. It’s a 2.5D block-based physics destruction game with some RPG features and a system that’s running even while you’re not playing the game, hence the Animal Crossing comparison.

In Blasted Fortress, you play as a tribe of savages that pillage and plunder enemy structures using your trusty cannon, in addition to managing resources, upgrading, and experiencing a range of seasonal changes and events based around your real-time system clock to keep things fresh every time you come back.  – Dapper Swine Team

Blasted Fortress by Dapper Swine Games

Use a variety of attacks to destroy your rivals

The game is about 80% complete at this point, but they’re working on updating the GUI and graphics as well as polishing some features.  For instance, they’re adding weakness points to the structures and working on optimizations that will allow for larger structures. The basics are all there, they’re just working on making the game more robust to set them apart from other titles on the market.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $2500 to help fund that last 20% of the project. The money raised will specifically go towards paying licensing fees for the game engine they’re using. It will also go towards improving the visuals and the audio as right now all music consists of royalty-free tracks they’ve found. The campaign runs through May 19th, so check out the trailer below and then check out the full campaign page to see what your pledge can net you.


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