Freds Fridays: Volume 2

Freds Fridays on The Indie Mine

Freds Fridays on The Indie Mine

Sticky DPad Games is a relatively new indie game development studio, but what they lack in experience they make up for with ambition. They currently have three separate projects in various phases of design and development. While their first announced project was Night of the Fred, they’ve since announced the prequel, Dawn of the Fred along with another unnamed project. To drum up awareness for these titles, they’ve been partnering with indie press sites like The Indie Mine to help share updates as part of a feature called Freds Fridays. Freds Fridays previously made its home at and OtakuDante’s Gaming Inferno and is now making a pit stop here for the remaining few weeks leading up to Dawn‘s launch.

In this week’s Freds Fridays, we take a closer look at the undead horde you’ll be facing in the upcoming Dawn of the Fred. One of the recent trends in zombies games is diversifying the flesh-hungry foes. From Plants vs. Zombies to the Left for Dead franchise, giving zombies different mannerisms, appearances, and abilities helps keep the game fresh, funny, and exciting.

This week, Sticky DPad Games revealed to us a number of new zombie types that will make their appearance in just a couple of months. Check out the concept art below along with descriptions of a few members in the ensemble.

Dawn of the Fred Zombie Lineup

Some of the pretty faces you’ll meet

From left to right:

  • The Norm – Just your everyday, bloodsucking zombie.
  • Secret Zombie #1!
  • The Zombomb – Will explode on impact. Will explode when killed! Keep your distance…
  • The Insane – Alerts nearby zombies with its cries. Not good if you’re outside with The Exiled lurking…
  • The Exiled – Blind zombie that won’t attack until it hears gunfire or The Insane. If you wake it, you’d better start running, as he’ll rip you to pieces.
  • The Monster – Overly powerful zombie. It’s going to take more than a pistol to take this thing down.
  • The Large – Not as powerful as The Monster, but more powerful than your regular zombie.
  • Secret Zombie #2!
  • The Carrier – If touched by this zombie, you’ll begin the transformation process into one yourself. Seek an antidote quick or it’s game over for you!
  • Secret Zombie #3!


Tune in next week for another preview from Sticky DPad Games. In the meantime, check out our previous volumes.

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