Freds Fridays: Volume 1

Freds Fridays on The Indie Mine

Freds Fridays on The Indie Mine

Sticky DPad Games is a relatively new indie game development studio, but what they lack in experience they make up for with ambition. They currently have three separate projects in various phases of design and development. While their first announced project was Night of the Fred, they’ve since announced the prequel, Dawn of the Fred along with another unnamed project. To drum up awareness for these titles, they’ve been partnering with indie press sites like The Indie Mine to help share updates as part of a feature called Freds Fridays. Freds Fridays previously made its home at and OtakuDante’s Gaming Inferno and is now making a pit stop here for the remaining few weeks leading up to Dawn‘s launch.

In this week’s Freds Fridays, we’ll get you caught up on all the facts and features surrounding Dawn of the Fred. The Fred series is all about zombie survival. While Night of the Fred takes you through the zombie apocalypse as Fred himself, Dawn lets you play as Fred’s dad to see what actually happened in the mysterious hours before Fred awoke to the end of the world. The dad’s story is told through a 2D isometric action shooter.

There are three modes in all to Dawn of the Fred. There’s the aforementioned campaign for single players, but there are also two modes built with cooperative teamwork in mind. “Survival” allows you and three friends to hold down the fort as Dawn of the Fred from Sticky DPad Gamesan onslaught of zombies try to get at your brains. There are two separate maps of 100 waves to take on for that mode. “Escape” challenges you and your friends to make it from one end of the city to the other with the hordes bearing down on you. “Escape” offers three separate maps. I’m a big fan of cooperative multiplayer and local multiplayer in general on home consoles, so I’m hoping these modes are a treat for my buddies and I.

For a first title, Sticky DPad is promising a lot of options and features within Dawn of the Fred that will hopefully help to separate it from the glut of  zombie-themed titles in the Xbox indie market. There will be over ten playable characters to choose from, mostly drawing from comical stereotypes like nerds, playboys, and luchadores. Ten different types of zombies can be taken down with over 75 different weapons. These weapons can skew as bizarre as razor blade machine guns and swordfish chainsaws. There’s an achievement system in the game called Awardments that will allow you to unlock those characters, weapons, and other game tweaks.

This week’s Freds Fridays comes at a perfect time because Sticky DPad Games recently announced plans to release Dawn of the Fred this July in the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace for 80 MSP. Tune in for next week’s Freds Fridays for the latest updates on the game. Even we don’t know what will be in store.

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