Album Review: Delta Will – It All Glows EP

Delta Will - It All Glows EP

Delta Will – It All Glows EP

Delta Will’s four-track EP, It All Glows, is a spacey, artful narrative with a bluesy, folksy soundscape of vocal overlays and subtle atmospheric synth washes. It chronicles the alien Delta Will’s exploration of humanity and earthly life through the eyes of the human Charles Tilden. Lyrically, it is a welcome reprieve from the mundane songwriter-centric direction of much of music across every genre.

It All Glows is lush and warm with an unassumingly whimsical tone reminiscent of Miniature Tigers’ sophomore album, Fortress. Tilden’s melismatic vocals are honey-smooth as he maneuvers through registers and dynamics, carrying the melodies confidently, but never becoming overbearing or contrived. The pleasant energy of the title track lends it a nostalgic sweetness that brings to mind Weezer’s “Island in the Sun” and ambient bird chirps and conversational mutterings at the conclusion of the instrumental track, “Space Throws”, conjure imagery of crisp sunlight and green foliage. “Holy Ghost”, the most understated song on the EP, features Fleet Foxes-esque arpeggiation and spacious vocal reverberation. The album’s buoyant attitude juxtaposes the somewhat morbid lyrical content in a way that is evocative of the Tralfamadorians’ observations of the universe in Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five; Delta Will acknowledges the peculiarity and transience of existence without being overly mournful or sentimental.

It All Glows is imaginative while remaining cohesive through textural instrumentation, artistic assuredness, and high production value. The title track is the highlight of the album, and while the energy does die down as the album progresses, none of the songs overstay their welcome. After two EPs, Tilden seems to have a firm grasp on his creative vision, and hopefully he will continue to pursue the musical direction demonstrated in this album.

You can listen to two of the tracks from It All Glows on Bandcamp or Soundcloud, and both physical and digital copies of the album are available for purchase through Bandcamp and iTunes.

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