Rise of Atlantis HD (iOS) Impressions

By now everyone on the planet has played Bejeweled and is familiar with the puzzle mechanics of swapping blocks to form lines of three or more of the same shape or color.  It certainly wasn’t the first game to use that model and it’s certainly not going to be the last.  In Rise of Atlantis HD by Playrix Entertainment, you have the added requirement of removing those lines of shapes in order to get a number of special tiles to fall off the bottom of the grid.  Sounds simple right?  Well the game ups the ante by throwing a timer, misshapen boards, and barriers (both removable and not) at you to try to trip you up.  In your corner are items which can be acquired by also causing them to fall off the grid, along with a rechargeable sun meter that can be used to randomly destroy tiles.

The game itself is centered around conquering a handful of the well-known cultures of the ancient world including the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, etc.   Along the way you might even learn a thing or two as a tidbit of info about the cultures is provided between each stage.

It’s an iOS game, and while the paid version is five bucks, I found it to be well worth it.  The free version will take you a little less than halfway through the game.  You’ll miss some of the more challenging stages, but you’ll get a pretty good feel for the game anyway.

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Author:Brandon Schmidt

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