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Gateways Review

Portal comparisons aside, Gateways is the new standard bearer for physics-based puzzle games.

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Smudged Cat Games interview for XBLIG Uprising 3

Indie Games Uprising III interview with Smudged Cat Games

David Johnston of Smudged Cat Games discusses Gateways and XBLIG.

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The Adventures of Shuggy Review

2D puzzle platform game featuring a mash up of platforming mechanics

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Gateways Released on PC

Smudged Cat Games’ Portal-esque Gateways makes its debut.

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Shuggy Steam Release Date Announced

Smudged Cat Games announces Steam release information for The Adventures of Shuggy.

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Gateways by Smudged Cat Games

Smudged Cat Games Announces Gateways

Smudged Cat Games announces their latest Xbox title, Gateways.

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