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Featured 3089

3089 Review

FPS and RPG combine in 3089, a strange sci-fi sandbox game with an odd title.

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Maia Preview

Now on Steam Early Access, a colony building and management sim inspired by classic god games and 70s sci-fi.

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Astrobase Command

Astrobase Command Interview

We blasted questions at the developers of Astrobase Command, a sandbox base-building RPG, about their upcoming game.

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Untimed Review

A new young adult series featuring a unique twist on the time travel plot

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Captain Disaster featured image

Captain Disaster in: Death has a Million Stomping Boots Demo Released

Team Disaster attempts to Triumph with game Demo for Captain Disaster in: Death has a Million Stomping Boots

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They Came From Beyond

Visiting Aliens. And Aliens Revisited

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The Old Man and the Wasteland

Once more, into the wasteland?

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Full Throttle Space Tales 4: Space Horrors

“In space, no one can hear you scream.” The tagline from the motion picture Alien prompted many imitators to blend genres, specifically horror and science fiction. Unfortunately, after more than thirty years of this type of thematic mash-up, it’s very challenging to rise above a level of familiarity. The fourth book in the Full Throttle [...]

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Dragon Virus

One part Planet of the Apes and one part X-men, Laura Anne Gilman’s Dragon Virus is exciting but bleak, a provocative view of a future built on genetic engineering. In a world where evolution can be controlled, are human beings worthy of moving around their own building blocks? It’s not an original concept, but Gilman [...]

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