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The Indie Game Developer Network at Gen Con 2013

No electricity? No problem. The Indie Game Developer Network has your independent tabletop board games and RPGs.

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Defenders of the Last Colony Splash Screen

Defenders of the Last Colony Impressions

It’s a twin stick shooter with innovative tactical features borrowed from other game genres. How does the first development effort from Knitted Pixels hold up?

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Telepath RPG: Servants of God featured image

Telepath RPG Servants of God Impressions

A strategy RPG with lots to do besides combat. A unique middle-eastern setting and sharp gameplay give this game longevity.

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Stolen Bride Review

It’s more than just another Amish romance book. But it might not win you over if you’re not already a fan of the genre.

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Okabu Impressions

Okabu? I barely know you.

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Eufloria Impressions

An RTS that’s not for RTS fans. That might not be a very big market

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There Will Be Brains screen capture

There Will Be Brains Review

Can you fight zombies and a clunky user interface at the same time?

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Full Throttle Space Tales 4: Space Horrors

“In space, no one can hear you scream.” The tagline from the motion picture Alien prompted many imitators to blend genres, specifically horror and science fiction. Unfortunately, after more than thirty years of this type of thematic mash-up, it’s very challenging to rise above a level of familiarity. The fourth book in the Full Throttle [...]

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Dragon Virus

One part Planet of the Apes and one part X-men, Laura Anne Gilman’s Dragon Virus is exciting but bleak, a provocative view of a future built on genetic engineering. In a world where evolution can be controlled, are human beings worthy of moving around their own building blocks? It’s not an original concept, but Gilman [...]

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Blue Kingdoms: Buxom Buccaneers

Maritime piracy during the age of exploration inspires a great deal of romantic, idealized fiction. But like the American wild west, the actual historical era can’t possibly contain all of the stories that have been written about the period. Veteran fantasy authors Stephen J. Sullivan and Jean Rabe decided to solve that problem by creating [...]

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