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Indie Games Uprising III interview with Smudged Cat Games

David Johnston of Smudged Cat Games discusses Gateways and XBLIG.

Smudged Cat Games Announces Gateways

Smudged Cat Games announces their latest Xbox title, Gateways.

The End of XNA?

Find out what developers think of Microsoft’s decision to stop working on XNA.

Game Review Score Database

Interested in finding out which games rated best or worst at The Indie Mine? Want to see how many games we’ve reviewed from a particular development studio? Then check out our table of review scores below. Notes: If a game is listed as having a score of “No Score”, that means the review pre-dates our [...]

Gateways Review

Portal comparisons aside, Gateways is the new standard bearer for physics-based puzzle games.

qrth-phyl Review

A fun modernization of Snake, but with a few slightly wrong turns.

The Adventures of Shuggy Review

2D puzzle platform game featuring a mash up of platforming mechanics

Gateways Released on PC

Smudged Cat Games’ Portal-esque Gateways makes its debut.

Shuggy Steam Release Date Announced

Smudged Cat Games announces Steam release information for The Adventures of Shuggy.

Timeslip Available for Free

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Smudged Cat Games is giving away Timeslip for Windows.